About us

Unique competence

At Österby Gjuteri we combine a long tradition of steel making with modern technologies. Today we are having an absolute top competence in producing and machining steel castings.

Österby Gjuteri is more than a qualified steel foundry, we usually work as the complete supplier of finished machined parts. Usually we produce parts in short series with unique needs to satisfy our customers needs.

Steel for all environments

The variation due to short series gives demands high competence in material science, industrial experience, sensitivity and flexibility. Österby Gjuteri fulfills these demands and can also offer technical resources of the best value.

Österby Gjuteri are experts of producing steel, we can deliver steel castings in various grades in order to provide to the customers different needs. The grades are from unalloyed steels up to super alloys with completely different properties.

CNC machines for milling and drilling can produce components with high precision.

A complete supplier of finished machined special components in steel.