Sustainability work

Österby Gjuteri is actively working towards being a sustainable employer. We are reusing 90 % of our foundry sand internally in our process instead of sending it to desposal or to be reused as land fill. All the steel grades we produce is 100% recyclable. When we are smelting our alloys, we are reusing our internal scrap as much as possible and we have grades that consists of 100% internally reused scrap.

Österby Gjuteri are reusing the heat from our heat treatment furnaces to heat up our facilities. This is a way of reducing the need for boilers. We have also changed from using oil in our boilers to fossil-free pellets.

Österby Gjuteri is actively working for our employees well-being and we are continuously working with preventive measures to avoid injuries from accidents and wear.

Österby Gjuteri takes sustainability seriously!